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Price gouging:

Florida law prohibits extreme increases in the price of commodities (price gouging) such as food, water, hotels, ice, gasoline, lumber, and equipment necessary for use as a direct result of an officially declared emergency such as a hurricane. Under Florida statutes, a commodity price is unconscionable if it represents a gross disparity from the average price of that commodity during the 30 days immediately prior to the emergency. This applies unless the increase is attributable to additional costs incurred by the seller or to national or international market trends.

If you suspect price gouging, call the Florida Attorney General's Price Gouging Hotline at 1-800-646-0444 or the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Hotline at 1-800-435-7352. You can also file information online at or In Broward County, you may also contact the Consumer Affairs Division at (954) 765-5350 to file a complaint.

State investigators follow up on complaints and take any additional action necessary. Local law enforcement officers do not have the legal authority to make arrests in these cases.

Price gouging is subject to civil penalties of $1,000 per violation up to a total of $25,000 for multiple violations committed in a single 24 hour period.

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