BSO Hurricane Guide

Staying safe during the hurricane:

  • Stay away from windows and doors. Identify a “safe room” in your home where you can stay during the hurricane. Choose a room with no doors or windows, like a closet. Bring a mattress into the room and use it for additional protection against falling debris.
  • Expect to lose power. Make sure you have flashlights within reach in your safe room.
  • Never venture outside during the storm. Flying debris may cause serious injury or death.
  • Be aware of the hurricane's “eye” passing overhead. A brief period of calm will be followed by winds blowing in the opposite direction and damage may be greater.
  • Stay away from rising water. Fallen power lines may still be "hot" and electrocution can occur. Water may also contain raw sewage.
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Other helpful information from Broward County:

For a complete list of Broward County services, please click here to view The Official Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

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