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(West Park, FL) – Firefighters from Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Station 27 rescued a newborn kitten trapped inside a metal post Saturday afternoon. Just before 3 p.m., kids playing in the backyard near 3101 SW 37 Ter. heard meowing coming from a 12-foot section of fence pipe lying on the ground. BSFR Engine #27 responded and pinpointed the source of the meowing to the section of pipe anchored in concrete. They used a saw to carefully cut the pipe and found a newborn kitten, barely hours old, inside. They took the kitten back to the firehouse, cleaned it up and fed it from a syringe. The kitten is now being cared for by a Broward family who can tend to it around the clock.


Posted At: 04/14/2012 08:19 PM

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