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PIO Number: 02-02-03 Dates: From January 5, 2001 to October 14, 2001 Places of Occurrence: Milt’s Marina, 1541 Old Griffin Road, Slip 16, Dania Beach Denny’s Restaurant, Broward County


  • 6-year old female
  • 8-year old female


  • Jackson Daughtry, 57, 1/12/45, 1541 Old Griffin Road, Slip 16, Dania Beach

Description of Incident:

A Broward man who has molested before is again suspected of preying on young children and Broward Sheriff's Office investigators fear there may be many more victims.

On Thursday, January 31, 2002, detectives arrested 57-year old Jackson Daughtry and charged him with five sex crimes against two little girls over a ten-month period beginning in January 2001 and ending in October of last year.

Daughtry apparently gains the trust of families and children by posing as a harmless, grandfatherly type, but detectives say he is anything but harmless.

In early May last year, Daughtry lured one of his victims to a Denny’s restaurant where he fondled the little girl’s genitals. Daughtry also touched himself in front of the young girl. His attacks continued until October 14, 2001, when the girl told her mother what Daughtry had been doing.

Daughtry committed similar acts against another little girl on his live-aboard boat at Milt’s Marina, 1541 Old Griffin Road, Slip 16, Dania Beach. Those attacks took place during the same period as the assaults on his other victim.

Detectives stress that Daughtry’s deviant sexual behavior has likely been going on for years and perhaps decades. The convicted sex offender was sentenced to three years in prison and released in 1990 for his 1988 attack on a little boy.

Anyone who has had contact with Daughtry, or whose children may have had contact with Daughtry should contact the Broward Sheriff's Office Sex Crimes Unit at (954) 321-4240 or Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.

THIS REPORT BY: Hugh Graf/PIO 2/1/02 1:00 pm

Posted At: 02/01/2002 12:44 PM


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