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PIO Number: 02-5-10 Dates: May 1, 2002 & May 3, 2002 Places of Occurrence: 813 NW 11th Ave. #3, Ft. Lauderdale & 201 SE 6th St., Ft. Lauderdale


  • State of Florida


  • 1. Annie Dixon, 21, 10/19/80, 1822 NW 16th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale
  • 2. Shenickle L. Fletcher, 22, 9/21/79, 813 NW 11th Avenue #3, Ft. Lauderdale

Description of Incident:

With the full assistance and unfettered cooperation of the office of The Clerk of the Courts for Broward County, the Broward Sheriff's Office has arrested one former employee of the Clerk’s office and another who has been suspended.

On Wednesday, May 1, 2002, detectives arrested 21-year old Annie Dixon on a drug possession charge after BSO district-5 Selective Enforcement Team members executed a search warrant several days earlier at a home in the 2100 block of NW 26th Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale. Dixon, of 1822 NW 16th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, was taken into custody in the parking lot of the Clerk of the Courts office where she had worked in the Traffic and Misdemeanor Division.

On Thursday, May 3, 2002, members of BSO’s Strategic Investigations Division arrested 22-year old Shenickle L. Fletcher. Fletcher, of 813 NW 11th Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale, is charged with stealing and cashing a $78.00 money order someone had sent to the Clerk of the Courts office as payment for a traffic citation. Fletcher was taken into custody at her home.

Clerk of the Court, Howard C. Forman, continues to work closely with the Broward Sheriff's Office
to uncover and prosecute any illegal behavior by employees of the Clerk’s office.

THIS REPORT BY: Det. B. Stephenson / SID Hugh Graf / PIO 5/3//02 1:30 pm

Posted At: 05/03/2002 01:28 PM


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