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Date: January 29, 2014                                                                 PIO Number: 14-1-23

Broward Sheriff's Office’s Mobile Field Force and officers from the Sunrise Police Department took part in a course provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to equip law enforcement personnel with the skills needed to effectively and safely deal with devices commonly used during civil unrest.

2 p.m., Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mobile Field Force Training

Markham Park, 16001 W. State Road 84, Weston

The three-day certification training, which ran from January 27-29, culminated with a hands-on final exam that tested the 40 trainees on their ability to actively dismantle devices used by protesters to either block roadways or create a disturbance, such as the “Sleeping Dragon” or “U-locks”.

Any time when large crowds congregate or emotions are high, there is the potential for a mass disturbance. As a county agency, BSO is at the helm of any response to situations involving civil unrest in Broward County.

“Maintaining a well-trained and specialized field force is a service aimed at keeping Broward residents safe and having the knowledge and tools to handle any situation at a moment’s notice is a responsibility the Broward Sheriff’s Office takes very seriously,” Undersheriff Col. Steve Kinsey said.


THIS REPORT BY: Gina Carter/PIO 1/29/2014 1630


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Posted At: 01/29/2014 04:34 PM

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