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PIO Number: 17-3-6                                      BSO Case Number: 02-1702-000369

Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives have secured a win for eight victims with the Friday arrest of two people who broke into their cars.

What started out as an evening of worship in Dania Beach ended in eight people’s sense of security being smashed like their car windows.

Around 8 p.m. Feb. 3, Jamal Meyers broke into eight vehicles that were parked at 2615 Stirling Road near Eliyahu Hanavi Beit Midrash synagogue and stole driver licenses, credit cards and GPS systems. During the investigation, detectives discovered that about an hour after the car burglaries Meyers used one of the victim’s credit cards at the Chevron gas station at 345 N. Federal Highway. His co-defendant Deneisha Bruce, who was also arrested March 3, tried that same night to buy $100 worth of food from a Pizza Hut with one of the stolen credit cards. The next morning, she tried to acquire more than $500 worth of items from Fort Lauderdale’s Walmart with another of the stolen cards.

The unwavering and careful work by BSO detectives in the Dania Beach district led to the arrests of Meyers, 29, and Bruce, 23, and the restoration of property for the victims.

Both Meyers and Bruce face a slew of charges related to the burglaries and credit card fraud. Bruce was given a $3,100 bond and released on Saturday. Meyers was given a $7,400 bond and remains in custody.


Joy Oglesby/PIO

March 7, 2017 1540    

Posted At: 03/07/2017 04:00 PM

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