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Hosts Lauren’s Kids during 1,500-mile walk

Date: March 22, 2013

PIO Number: 13-3-25

Ninety-five percent of sexual abuse cases could have been prevented with education.    To that end and in support of the Lauren’s Kids Organization’s 1,500-mile walk to shine light on the problem, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Child Protective Investigations Section is bringing together state and local entities involved in the aftermath of sexual abuse to discuss ways to curtail the problem.

10 a.m. Monday, March 25, 2013
BSO Child Protective Investigations Section
351 N. State Road 7, Plantation
(3rd floor conference room)

Lauren Book, founder of Lauren’s Kids, began the fourth annual, 1500-mile walk across Florida March 19 from Key West. As she walks through Broward County, she’ll stop to meet with BSO investigators, representatives from the State Attorney’s Office, Office of the Attorney General, Children’s Services Council, County Commission, Senator Eleanor Sobel, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and children’s services organizations and medical facilities. Through the roundtable discussion, participants hope to provide valuable input to aid in her goal to prevent sexual abuse through awareness and education and to help survivors heal with guidance and support.

As a victim of sexual abuse as a child, Lauren Book has dedicated herself to the education of adults and children about sexual abuse topics through an in-school curriculum, a 24-hour crisis hotline and speaking engagements around the country. The organization also provides more than 4.5 million educational and awareness materials statewide through direct mail every year.


Keyla Concepción/PIO

Posted At: 03/22/2013 06:52 PM


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