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Date:  February 4, 2014                                                                        PIO Number: 14-2-8          

The Broward Sheriff’s Office paired deputies from the agency’s Civil Division with deputies from Crime Suppression Teams countywide for Operation Family Matters, which targeted people who haven’t paid court-ordered child support payments and those with domestic violence injunctions.

The teams served 11 domestic violence injunctions, also known as restraining orders, and arrested seven people for failure to pay child support. The teams started out with 60 arrest warrants and 53 injunctions. It was the first time the Civil Divison has ever worked hand-in-hand with the Crime Suppression Teams to serve restraining orders and failure to pay child support payment warrants.

“Domestic violence is a serious problem. It’s something we can’t ignore. And when a parent doesn’t pay child support, children suffer. Families struggle,” Sheriff Scott Israel said. “This is the difficult, sometimes dangerous, work that our civil deputies do everyday that positively affects families, and my staff and I are dedicated to finding the most efficient way to get it done.”

 In 2013, the Civil Division served 5,015 restraining orders, up from 4,736 in 2012. In 2013, Civil deputies served 316 arrest warrants for failure to pay child support, up from 157 in 2012.

The division carries out the sheriff's statutory responsibility for the service of process and execution of writs. Annually, the division processes and serves more than 315,000 documents. These documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies and private attorneys in Florida and throughout the United States and include summonses, complaints and subpoenas, writs of possession for real estate, injunctions for protection against domestic violence, writs of garnishment and arrest orders. The Civil Division also enforces levies and writs of attachment and conducts sheriff's sales to aid in the collection of money judgments.



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                                                                                 Dani Moschella/PIO

Posted At: 02/06/2014 04:46 PM


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