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Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne and dozens of deputies have been duly deputized by Santa to hand out toys to thousands of Broward’s neediest children this Saturday.

It’s the 9th annual Toys for Tots and Teens gift giveaway, Saturday, December 22, 2001, starting at 10:00 in the morning at the RON COCHRAN PUBLIC SAFETY BUILDING, 2601 West Broward Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale.

Every year, the line grows as anxious children gather for the fun-filled event that leaves them smiling with brand new toys in their arms. Last year, more than
7-thousand toys were given away to underprivileged boys and girls. This year’s occasion promises to be even bigger.

BSO school resource officers and school board staff select the kids, who are then invited to meet Santa Claus, played by Anthony Bingham, son of the late Lt. Charles Bingham who played the part of Santa at BSO events for as long as anyone can remember.

This year, the Broward Sheriff's Office worked with the Florida Marlins, Crime Stoppers, Holland American Cruise Lines, Toys R Us, Union Bank, Enterprise Leasing, Red Lobster, Wal Mart, Brand Smart, Union Planters Bank, and many other local businesses to bring the annual toy giveaway to Broward’s most needy children.

The 9th annual Toys for Tots and Teens BSO distribution is an invitation only event and not open to everyone. For more information, contact Lt. John Nesteruk at (954) 321-4100.

MEDIA PLEASE NOTE: Thousands are likely to attend this event, which will run past noon. Please arrive early for the best opportunities to get some great video/shots.

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Hugh Graf / Media Relations

Posted At: 12/20/2001 04:31 PM

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