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What do I do if I get a ticket?

If you need information about a ticket or traffic citation, don't call the Broward Sheriff's Office or the police agency that issued it. Once the ticket is issued, it becomes part of the court process and is handled by Broward County's Clerk of the Courts.

Howard C. Forman, Clerk of Courts for Broward County, has an informative web site with extensive information about the resolution options for tickets and citations. You can find this information at You can even use online payment for some tickets and citations.

If a court appearance isn't required (the box at the bottom of your yellow citation stating "infraction does not require appearance in court" must be checked), you have three options:

  • Pay the citation: this is a guilty plea and points will be assessed (if applicable).
  • Attend driving school: this is a no contest plea, pay the fine and no points will be assessed if you sign up and complete driving school within 90 days (Note: there are limits to the number of times you can attend driving school; consult the Clerk's web site for information.)
  • Plead Not Guilty: consult the Clerk's web site for procedures and options for this plea.

If a court appearance is required, you MUST appear on the date specified on the ticket.

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