1984 Homicide (BS84-03-5589)

Body Found: Mar 17, 1984
Crime Scene: A wooded area along the 20400 block of State Road 84 in unincorporated Broward County.
Description: He was a white male wearing size 29 Viceroy, faded blue jeans, size 8 maroon tennis shoes with white trim and white socks with blue and yellow stripes. He had brown hair and stood 5'6", give or take three inches.
Approx. Age: 25-30
Investigation: The Medical Examiner determined the victim had been deceased for at least two months.

He wore a black t-shirt that read “I have no drinking problem: I drink, I get drunk, I fall down"

He smoked Kool cigarettes

He carried a white Bic lighter in his left front pocket

facial sketch

facial reconstruction