1982 Homicide (BS82-06-5715)

Body Found: Jun 20, 1982
Crime Scene: The victim was found at the Rinker rock pit at 7000 N.W. 16th Lane, unincorporated Broward County near Pompano Beach.
Description: She was a white female who was 5’5” tall and weighed 75-80 pounds. She was wearing a thin gold necklace with brown beads every two inches, a dark green Lacoste striped pullover sweater with red and orange stripes and a size 32-36 Maidenform natural color brassiere.
Approx. Age: 14-20
Investigation: A dental examination revealed the victim had several fillings and was also a smoker.

The victim wore a gold necklace with beads and a unique striped shirt


Lacoste logo

shirt collar



reconstruction - angle

reconstruction - front

reconstruction - side