1994 Drowning (BS94-2-11562)

Body Found: Feb 21, 1994
Crime Scene: A canal near Mac's Fish Camp, unincorporated Broward County.
Description: He was a black man with very short brown hair and brown eyes, a short mustache and goatee. He was wearing a blue shirt, floral print jeans and brown shoes. He was 5'8" tall and 132 pounds.
Approx. Age: 35-45
Investigation: A few days before his body was discovered, witnesses told investigators that the victim had mentioned to people at Mac's Fish Camp that he knew someone who lived just off the campgrounds. Though he carried no identification, the man had a piece of paper with the name Jean Ronald Destin and a Miami phone number. The man who answered the phone at that number repeatedly said he did not know the dead man.

He had a small handbag on a chain around his left wrist.