1973 Homicide (BS73-08-2432)

Body Found: May 21, 1973
Crime Scene: Body was found in a drainage ditch along Nob Hill Road just South of State Road 84 in unincorporated Broward County near Davie.
Description: She was a white female whose body was decomposed. She was approximately 4'6" tall and weighed 95 pounds. She was wearing Wrangler jeans that were cut off just above the ankle, a size 15 denim shirt, a pair of underwear with the words "Give a Damn" embroidered on the front and a pair of white clogs.
Approx. Age: 14-20

Photos of white clogs and “Give a Damn” underwear.

The victim chewed pink bubble gum.


“Give a Damn” underwear

Photo of crime scene