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We receive many compliments from residents and visitors about the service they receive from BSO deputies, firefighters, paramedics and staff.

Here are a few recent comments:

Deputy David Salsberry was driving down my street and he saw my front door opened. Knowing the area, he knew this was not right, called for two other deputies, checked out my house and closed and locked the door. What 's the special part of this? Well, I have 2 cats and a dog that looks like a collie, size and color. Rocky's very cautious of people he dosen't know. (Deputy Salsberry) did this all not knowing my dog. My daughter left the house in a hurry for school; she didn't make sure the door was closed. Many thanks go to Deputy D. Salsberry for this.

-- CB , Oakland Park

I misplaced my car in the Cypress Garage of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport - kind of scary when you're a single, young woman, it's after midnight and the parking garage is deserted. I might also add that no one in the airport answered the call button on Level 7 when I realized my mistake. I then went downstairs and located (Deputy) Korman who got off of his bike on the ground level and personally escorted me to the correct level/space #. With my plate #, he was able to make one quick phone call and find my car. I can't tell you how grateful I was to have his help! Thank you!

-- JC , Weston

Deputy Salerno (Oakland Park District) put a note in my car saying the window had been left open overnight. I would just like to say that it is nice to know that the (deputies) here are out and about looking after the public. I am British, here in the winter months. Back home we rarely see a police officer (at night time, just forget it) so I would just like to say thank you.

-- SB , Oakland Park

Just a quick note to tell the sheriff how very decent, kind, and helpful Deputy A. Howell at your information window was to my wife & me yesterday. Our nephew had been picked up by the Ft Lauderdale PD and was being held at the main jail. Naturally, this was extremely stressful & disconcerting. Deputy Howell far exceeded what even I thought would be helpful. The best part about it was that she was that way to everyone as we sat there most of the day. We even heard other people comment about how helpful she was to them. If you have an award for Deputy or employee of the year, Ms Howell would get our votes. She is a gem & I am proud to have even met her.

-- FW , Bonita Springs

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Deputy Potenza. I called the Deerfield Beach office for advice on how to get a VIN verification on my motorcycle that I am still learning to operate. I was referred to the non-emergency line. Within 10 minutes of my call, Deputy Potenza arrived to perform the VIN verification for me. He was very helpful and personable. I appreciate the fast service. I know there are many things that BSO has to deal with, so the fact that my request was handled so quickly means so much to me.

-- EM , Deerfield Beach

Zion Lutheran would like to express their appreciation to the Broward Sheriff's Office for their assistance in our Internet Safety Conference for our student body which took place on March 18th. Deputy Shaun Casey did an outstanding job speaking to our students in two separate presentations. He also gave an additional presentation for our parents. Zion students were very receptive to Deputy Casey’s presentation and I am sure it will have an impact on their use of the Internet. Zion Lutheran School appreciates your support.

-- AS , Deerfield Beach

As I entered the Broward County Jail for the very first time to visit my son, I came in contact with Dep. Lawrence who made me feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed. All the questions that I asked were answered without hesitation and all were answered correctly. Whatever Dep. Lawrence was unsure about, he took time to find out the correct information. I thank you Sheriff Ken Jenne for employing such a great person.

-- at the Joseph V. Conte Jail Facility

Upon arriving home from church Wednesday evening, my mother was robbed of her vehicle at gunpoint. I heard her terrified voice from my window and called 9-1-1. While speaking to the operator I could hear the patrol car sirens and within minutes Sergeant Santiago was at our door. Moments later I heard the helicopter. I was impressed by the sound of the vast effort on the Sergeant’s radio. Sergeant Santiago understood and was sensitive to the fact that my mother was quite shaken up by this ordeal. I appreciate his professionalism and determination. It was amazing how well coordinated every thing was. Because of the quick and efficient work of the BSO, we got the car back. Thanks for the excellent work you do.

-- BV , Lauderdale Lakes

I would like to commend Deputy Fuller for her outstanding work and diligence in resolving a loose pitbull problem in my neighborhood. Two pitbulls were terriorizing us and killed one of my cats. Deputy Fuller took this very seriously and personally went out searching for the dogs. Once the dogs were finally located, Deptuty Fuller called animal control and went with them to talk to the owners and deal with the issue according to Broward County Animal Regulation laws. This morning it was reported that a pitbull attacked a man and woman in Ft Lauderdale. I like to think that Deputy Fuller helped prevent that from happening here in The City of West Park, FL.

-- CA , West Park

I have been abused by a former boyfriend for the last 6 months at least once a week. I have tried to seek help from [other] police departments but it kept happening. I called BSO and [Deputy] Stull came to the call . He and his partner have gone above and beyond to detain [the former boyfriend] ... He gave me a direct phone number and kept in contact with me at all times so I was up-to-date with what was going on. I am a...single mother with a child on the way; I was afraid to go to public places until I met [Deputy] Stull and his partner ... Thank you.

-- Resident in a BSO jurisdiction

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