Military Training Unit

BSO's Military Training Unit is a program primarily for first-time juvenile and young adult offenders designed to develop responsible and productive citizens through a strict physical and military regimen.

With an environment where they learn to help themselves and one another, inmates (referred to as "cadets") are taught to focus on behavioral changes and confront attitudes destructive to themselves, others and to the life of the program. Most importantly, cadets learn to accept responsibility for their own lives and actions.

Approximately 81% of BSO's Military Training Unit graduates do not return to a correctional facility after their release. Contrasted with the average rate of recidivism in the U.S. of 71%* (meaning 71% of released inmates are incarcerated again), BSO's program has one of the best records in the country.

As part of the program which operates like military basic training, cadets attend GED (the equivalent of a high school diploma) schooling for 3 hours daily. The average reading improvement for this 90-day program is 2.6 grade levels. If a cadet does not receive a GED before graduation, he/she is enrolled in a public school program that allows completion of the GED. The cadets also attend life skills classes that teach personal hygiene, anger management, drug abuse prevention, self-esteem development, acceptance of personal responsibility, and employee readiness.

Cadets attend Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every weekend. Religious services are offered three times each week. In an effort to provide restitution for their incarceration, cadets participate in community work details that include clean-up programs, landscaping and general maintenance of public property.

The program also offers career days where colleges, trade schools, and businesses offer cadets post-graduation opportunities. It strives to ensure each cadet, prior to graduation, has a new career or will attend a career development course.

* based on criminal convictions throughout the United States
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