Other Agencies and Organizations That Can Help

If you're a victim of a crime, these organizations and agencies may offer some assistance. Contact them directly for more information.

Online Resources:
Al-Anon Family Groups
Broward County, Florida Official Web site
Florida Department of Corrections
17th Judicial Circuit of Florida
Women in Distress
Women's Law Initiative
Florida Attorney General's Office

General Help:

24-Hour Women in Distress of Broward (Shelter)
(954) 761-1133
24-Hour Crisis Line: Information and Referral
(954) 537-0211 or 211
Abuse Registry (Elderly and Children)
(800) 96-ABUSE
Broward County Legal Aid Service
(954) 765-8950
Broward County Victim / Witness Liaison Office
(954) 831-6200
Bureau of Victim Services (Tallahassee)
(800) 226-6667
Family Court Services (Injunction for Protection)
(954) 831-7693
Gay Lesbian Community Center of South Florida
(954) 463-9005

Counseling for Family Violence or General Individual Counseling:

Catholic Community Services
(954) 630-9404
Department of State Corrections, Victim Assistance Program
(850) 488-9166
Family Service Agency
(954) 587-7880
Guardian Ad Litem Program (Children)
(954) 831-6214
Jewish Family Services
(954) 370-2140
Nova University Mental Health Clinic
(954) 262-5730
Sexual Assault Treatment Center (Crisis Hotline)
(954) 761-RAPE
Outreach Center/Women in Distress of Broward, Counseling
(954) 760-9800
Sexual Assault Treatment Center/Child Protection Team
(954) 765-4159
State Attorney, Broward County
(954) 831-6955
State Attorney's Office, Victim Advocate Unit
(954) 765-4133

Juvenile Justice System:

State Attorney's Juvenile Division
(954) 831-6960
Florida Department of Children and Families
(954) 969-3500
Juvenile Intervention Facility (JIF)
(954) 467-4400
Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Victim Notification Program - Get notified regarding a criminal alien's release from custody.
Victim Services Unit Main Page
V.I.N.E. Program (Victim Information Notification Everyday)
Protection from Domestic Violence
Victim Services Volunteer Program
Restraining Orders
Protecting Yourself
Specialized Units Main Page

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