District Safety Programs

The Broward Sheriff's Office, Pompano Beach District, offers the following special services to our residents:

The C.A.T. (Combat Auto Theft) - is a remarkably effective way for citizens and law enforcement to work together to keep vehicle theft in check. When you register a vehicle with the C.A.T. program, a highly visible sticker is placed on the rear window of the vehicle. The sticker lets law enforcement know that your car or truck should not be on the road between 1:00 am and 5:00 am. It's a great way to help cut down on nighttime auto theft. For more information, contact Deputy Mike Johnson at (954) 786-4313.

Sheriff Israel's e-Alerts - We encourage you to stay informed by registering with Sheriff Israel's e-Alerts. You will receive email or test messages from us about criminal activity, BSO events and traffic concerns that affect your neighborhood. Visit the Sheriff Israel's e-Alerts page to register.

VACATION HOME CHECK - BSO offers residents in its jurisdictions a free Vacation Home Check program. Deputies will drive by unoccupied residences and perform a daily perimeter check for signs of break-in or suspicious activity.

To participate, call or stop by your district office and request a vacation home check form. You must provide the dates and times your home will be unoccupied with a contact phone number of a trusted neighbor or local relative. If you live outside a BSO jurisdiction, notify your local police department that you are leaving town and provide them with the dates you will be away and an emergency phone number.

RAD KIDS PROGRAM - RADKids (Resisting Aggression Defensively) BSO Deputies teach your children how to replace the fear, confusion and panic of a dangerous situation with confidence and personal safety skills. For further information, contact The Crime Prevention Unit at (954) 435-2000 extension 249.

VIN (vehicle identification number) - etching puts an inconspicuous, factory-assigned identification number on each window of your vehicle, making the vehicle less desirable to thieves because the window glass must be replaced if thieves intend to alter the vehicle identification number to conceal the stolen car's status. For more information, contact Deputy Mike Johnson at (954) 786-4313.

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