The Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council

The Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council, Inc. (B.S.A.C.) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation founded in 1975 by then Sheriff Nick Navarro for charitable and educational purposes, namely providing financial assistance to the families and children of Broward County law enforcement personnel who have lost their lives or become permanently disabled while serving their community. The B.S.A.C. members are men and women who are dedicated to supporting all of the law enforcement community of Broward County, not just the Broward Sheriff's Office. The Broward Sheriff's Advisory is funded solely by membership dues and donations from individuals and businesses.

Mission Statement

The B.S.A.C. mission is to provide financial assistance to the families of officers killed or disabled in the line of duty. This assistance can include but is not limited to paying expenses such as rent, mortgage, food, utilities, and other household necessities that require an immediate response. Depending on the needs of the surviving family, funds can be provided for college tuition through the Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program. In other cases, B.S.A.C. funds provide immediate payment for room and board of the student. In addition, B.S.A.C. members also help develop educational programs and community outreach to assist and support the State of Florida in initiatives such as drug abuse prevention and crime prevention.

Special Projects Supported by the Sheriff's Advisory Council

The following Fallen Heroes Funds were created to provide humanitarian assistance in memory of those who gave their lives in service to their community. These funds are designed as both a quick response and long term aid for spouses and children who are minors.

  • The Sergeant Christopher Reyka Memorial Education Fund
    Sgt. Christopher Reyka was shot and killed outside a Pompano Beach drug store on the morning of August 10, 2007. Throughout his 18-year law enforcement career, Sgt. Reyka was highly praised by his superiors and peers for his steadfast dedication, keen eye, and reliability. Sgt. Reyka is survived by Kim, his wife of 22 years, two daughters, and two sons. This trust fund was first established through the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward County; it was designed to support the educational needs of his children.
  • The Deputy Brian Tephford Memorial Fund
    In 2006, Deputy Brian Tephford died after being shot while working a special detail in Tamarac. Deputy Tephford was a six-year veteran of the Broward Sheriff's Office. In January 2003, Sheriff Jenne presented him with BSO's prestigious Lifesaving Award for saving an inmate from suicide. Deputy Tephford left behind a 4-year-old daughter and young twins. This fund was first established through the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward County to help meet the educational needs of his children.
  • The Lieutenant Rick Scorgie Memorial Fund
    Lt. Rick Scorgie was a career firefighter whose lifesaving expertise took him from Broward County's worst car wrecks to the aftermath of a 1998 tidal wave in Papua New Guinea and to Ground Zero after 9-11. He joined the fire service as a Coral Springs volunteer in 1984, graduated from the Broward Fire Academy in 1985, and found employment with Cooper City the next year. His forte became technical rescues: the high buildings, the collapsed tunnels and especially crunched cars. His skills earned him a spot on a federal search and rescue team that took him across the country and beyond. This fund was designed to meet the educational needs of his daughter.
  • Dinner and Dance Fundraiser
    The first annual Dinner and Dance Fundraiser took place in May 2013 aboard the Lady Windridge. The proceeds from this cruise benefit the families of officers killed or disabled in the line of duty.
  • Range Day
    Shooting is a test of skill and accuracy and lost if not practiced regularly. This ongoing event provides an opportunity for BSAC members and/or spouses and special invited guests to learn firearm safety and practice firearm skills. A short classroom session is followed by live-fire instruction supervised by range safety officers.
  • "Top Cop" Pistol Championship
    Broward County law enforcement officers compete in a fun and friendly environment at the "Top Cop" Pistol Championship. The competition is open to all officers, active and retired, from any law enforcement agency in Broward County. Participants choose to compete in one of six firearm divisions and prizes are awarded to all competitors based on overall finish. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the families of fallen law enforcement officers and firefighters within Broward County, regardless of the agency.
  • Generation Nexxt Community Partnership
    The Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network is a community-oriented, pro-law enforcement corporation that is committed to public service and safety.

    In 2014 the Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council supported Sheriff's Scott Israel's outreach initiatives by partnering with Generation Nexxt to produce and distribute crime prevention and safety awareness public service announcements.

    Generation Nexxt has the sole broadcast rights to all of the major South Florida youth football leagues' games and events in South Florida. Utilizing a network of partners and exclusive access, Generation Nexxt is uniquely positioned to provide original, one-of-a-kind media services. In addition to their weekly program that airs on NBC-Channel 6, they also have cable and Internet broadcast channels.

    The Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council provided $14,995 in funding for this initiative and joins the Miami Dolphins, WTVJ NBC-6, The Orange Bowl Committee, Comcast, NBC Sports Network, Sun Sports Network, Sun Life Stadium and other leading organizations as Generation Nexxt community partners.


In the past 35 years, the Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council has provided over $100,000 in scholarships to the surviving children of fallen law enforcement and fire fighter personnel killed or disabled in the line of duty serving Broward County. The B.S.A.C.'s goal in the greater sense is to provide help and support to all citizens of Broward Country. Each advisory member is dedicated to this goal.

Support Our Mission

The Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council is an organization operating exclusively for charitable and education purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Law (code).

The B.S.A.C is funded solely by membership dues and tax deductible donations from individuals and businesses.

To donate to the Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council, mail your check to:

Broward Sheriff's Advisory Council
401 E. Las Olas Blvd
Suite 130-584
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

For more information about fundraising events, special projects, or to join B.S.A.C. call (954) 903-2860, email or visit

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